Kambanis Architects Ltd.

The Team Kambanis

A team of dynamic and dedicated design professionals aimed to provide quality design through creative aesthetics, artistic presentations and effective design-value solutions.

Educated as Architects and Designers, we have gained over 15 years of global exposure. Our experiences covered China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and the Middle East which gained us the knowledge to understand various cultures and styles to create a unique living and working environment.

Constant exposure to new developments and modern technologies, our knowledge base are abundant in ideas from micro-design of Corporate and Exhibition Facilities to macro-design of Lifestyle and Mixed-use Developments.

Our knowledge and experience in varied aspects of design, production, and project management render us the expertise and confidence to deliver quality results and solutions with practicality, cost-effectiveness and timely executions.

Mission Statement

Our vision of excellence is undaunted and is beholden to the ideals of creativity and versatility in the belief that on these foundations We can create a potpourri of ideas and diversity of actions in one concrete and synchronized solution.